Dalian stepmother 892 day wake up in a vegetative state. wegener肉芽肿

Dalian stepmother stepson Gao Shengyun 892 days to wake up in a vegetative state (in) with love awakened stepson, "Mom, I love you!" Love shy stepson Yang Hongjian never told mother express these feelings too high clouds, the scene can be held yesterday in Xigang District, the first "Xigang power" — ten style character award ceremony, more than and 600 people face when he cried out. This sentence so that people fall into tears, but also to promote the heart of the clouds are melting. A few years ago, Yang Hongjian suffered a head of iron into a vegetative state is high cloud with love, to the 892 day and night, so he re opened his eyes, and regained consciousness. When asked what had kept her from giving up her son, she answered firmly, the mother’s strength! This becomes a vegetative state, she tried to take care of 18 years ago, when Yang Xiaofeng and Yang Xiaofeng combined with the promotion, the son of Yang Hongjian is 12 years old, high cloud always regarded him as a son to raise. In September 20, 2009, 25 year old Yang Hongjian in Hong Gong Jie market stall, mediation by armed personnel siege, iron head was bunched, instantly become unconscious. The doctor after surgery, Yang Hongjian suffered severe brain damage, even a miracle, the best result is a vegetable. This message is simply a bolt from the blue to Yang Xiaofeng and Gao Shengyun, Yang Xiaofeng said to Gao Shengyun: "you go, this is not a day for two days, is likely to be a lifetime." High cloud after listening, but criticized her husband, and he said that we must hold up the house with. Home conditions are limited, can not afford the high cost of care room, forty-third days after the operation, the trachea was cut, the whole body full of tubes Yang Hongjian was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital to continue treatment. After the transfer, every morning at 5 high cloud gets up to prepare breakfast for Yang Hongjian to feed, she can move the chopsticks to eat. Tidying up after she took the bowl to Yang Hongjian shit and piss. At noon, after waiting for her son to eat, she had to wash diapers Yang Hongjian, her husband took his son to carry out rehabilitation therapy. After dinner, promotion for a son cloud massage, with his son speak, hoping to wake him. Gao Shengyun is only 1.58 meters tall, and the son of Yang Hongjian, more than 1.8 meters tall, high cloud each to Yang Hongjian stand up, because he is overweight, sometimes the body just over half turn back, she will be the son of an overwhelming dodge. Day in and day out, overwork and lack of sleep so that 52 year old high cloud hair becomes white, appear than their peers to be old. Stepson finally wakes up, she felt to pay the value of all day and night to take care of his son, resolutely quit high cloud enviable job. No income, the home also caught in a dilemma, the nutrient solution 90 yuan a bottle can not afford to buy high clouds with rice, millet, soybean, vegetables into paste, insert pipe into son poured in. One night, rising cloud really hungry, to take advantage of the night went to the hospital the trash, turn the others away Steamed Buns eat, and the egg and other nutritious food to eat Yang Hongjian. Completely unrelated stepmother like mother, even more than mother like to take care of the children, the affected patients and"相关的主题文章: