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3 car rear end collision caused 1 dead 2 injured trailer cars Porsche damage (Figure) – Beijing, the scene of the accident Sichuan Chengdu news network September 29th news (reporter Liang Peng Ge Jing Zhou Ziming) yesterday at 4 pm, a high-speed toll station to the South and Chengdu 1 kilometers with three car rear end accident occurred, the accident caused one a bus carrying a Porsche Trailer rollover, at least two vehicles damaged Porsche. At the same time, the accident also caused one death and two injured. Yesterday at 4:38 in the morning, Chengdu city police fire brigade Longquan Hong’an fire brigade detachment command center received an order that Cheng Nan highway and toll station to Chengdu 1 kilometers in three car rear end accident scene, there are people trapped, the situation is very critical. After receiving the alarm, firefighters rushed to the scene. 4:50, firefighters arrived at the scene, at this time, high-speed traffic police have been on the scene alert. By asking insiders and on-site investigation, firefighters learned that in the accident, the damage in front of large trucks just after the plate; the middle truck trailer was directly behind with Porsche car hit the highway, severe deformation of the front, the car driver was pressed to move; and the trailer loaded with Porsche the car hit the front directly in the front of the truck rear, the front pressing one attendant has no signs of life, the car driver was seriously injured. Subsequently, according to the scene, firefighters immediately divided into two groups, while the rescue of two trapped rescue. After 20 minutes of intense rescue, trailer driver was rescued; quickly rescued middle truck driver, two group of firefighters and rescue, through unremitting efforts, the driver was trapped in 10 minutes after being rescued and handed over to the 120 medical personnel rushed to hospital. According to firefighters involved in the rescue of the trailer carrying a Porsche car, the driver’s wife is the cab to sleep, when the accident occurred, the trailer driver’s wife fell out of the cab to death, the trailer driver injured. In addition, firefighters told the Sichuan news network reporter, the car contains a number of specific vehicles they do not know, but can see that there are two vehicles damaged." September 29th afternoon, the Sichuan news network reporter rushed to the town of Longquanyi District Second People’s Hospital in Luodai, the accident was injured in the trailer driver here to receive treatment. In the surgical ward of the hospital, the Sichuan news network reporter saw the driver Mr. Yang, Mr. Yang legs. Do not move the body, fixing measures, multiple contusions on the face, mouth etc. are wound, also unable to speak. According to the site of accompanying relatives, they are from Chongqing, after hearing the news, just arrived in Chengdu, is not clear about the specific circumstances of the accident. At present, the specific cause of the accident is an ongoing investigation. (Figure provided by the fire) firefighters rescue trapped firefighters rescue trapped people相关的主题文章: