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Haze day children cough more than how to do? [Abstract] there are data show that every serious haze days 1 to 2 days, the number of patients with cough will increase by up to 50%, people call this cough haze cough, which is the most injured, but also a child. From the physiological structure, children have no hair, defensive ability is weak, the haze is more likely to invade; children were smaller than adults, closer to the floor, more easily inhaled haze particles; in addition, particles of the same volume into the child’s body, the harm spread into the adult body is greater than. When the children inhaled PM2.5 and other harmful substances, it is easy to cause the throat, trachea and other parts of the itching discomfort, thereby endangering children’s respiratory health, cause cough. Baby cough blue thin, distressed baby’s parents, letinous edodes". Although cough is a normal physiological reflex to clear the respiratory tract, it is not good for your health. Then when the haze days, children often cough, parents should do what? Haze into the respiratory tract will stimulate the respiratory tract mucosa inflammatory reaction produces phlegm, the body will be expelled by coughing sputum and inhalation of dust (haze). Adults can take the initiative to cough and spit in the morning, but children, especially infants and young children generally do not take the initiative to cough and spit. Suggested the morning after the first drink, and then pat on the back, let the inhalation of Dust Haze as soon as possible to discharge, clear the respiratory tract unobstructed breathing, and can eat pears, oranges, orange, loquat Qingfei Huatan fruit. If this time the sputum can not be cleared in time, it is likely to trigger a baby cough and even the emergence of asthma. Therefore, for the treatment we should not simply need to avoid the cough, sputum and stimulus is not conducive to the discharge of the town still cough drugs used alone. Recommendations for the selection of Yitanjing class apophlegmatisant. Two components of Yitanjing coordination, can reduce sputum viscosity, relaxation of trachea, effectively promote sputum discharge, removal of particulate matter. The product does not act on the brain, compared to other central antitussive drugs safer. But the drug will taste better, the oral solution is colorless clear liquid and strawberry flavor, sweet, very suitable for infants and young children. Scientific research shows that even if the concentration value of PM2.5 has not yet caused a greater harm to adults, it may have exceeded the range of children. In fog and haze, parents should try to reduce the baby’s travel. If you have to travel, it is best for children to wear masks. Whether it is an adult or a baby, fog haze days back from the outside, should immediately wash the face and exposed skin. In particular, some people who are prone to skin allergies should do a good job cleaning. The winter cold cold, the young baby respiratory tract is the test, coupled with such a terrible haze, mom and dad can not even let down!相关的主题文章: