Chinese Zhongche announced the launch of 600 kilometers per hour maglev project maglev again 爱多vcd

Chinese Zhongche announced the launch of 600 kilometers per hour maglev project   maglev again? How will the maglev train change our lives? The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway is currently running at 300 km per hour, the fastest time to reach the Beijing Shanghai between the hours of 5. If the replacement of 600 km per hour maglev train, which means that the railway travel between Beijing and Shanghai will take only about 2.5 hours, almost the same as by plane! Recently, Chinese Zhongche announced the launch of 600 kilometers per hour high-speed maglev railway project, the first prototype will be delivered in 2020, and built a high-speed maglev railway in Shandong. In the China ranked high iron superpower at the same time, the "maglev" era quietly. Once the "defeat" the Maglev at the end of last century, the technical route of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway caused "magnetic wheel dispute", "China maglev into people vision and start building high-speed maglev railway?" Which cities will be the first to enter the ‘600 kilometers per hour’?" The day before, with China Zhongche announced the launch of 600 kilometers per hour, Chinese railway maglev project was established on Maglev company, maglev project will build a large area of speculation and discussion of maglev technology is mature and heat up. Maglev technology is the use of electromagnetic induction principle, the use of linear motor drive vehicles, so that the train to overcome the gravity of the suspension or suction floating in the orbit of a technology. As the train suspended in orbit, not only by the wheel rail friction, air resistance, high speed maglev train speed is high iron more than 2 times, and the fighter therefore likened to "nap-of-the-earth". In the 70s and 80s of last century, in order to improve the transportation capacity and efficiency, the developed countries such as Germany, Japan, the United States and other developed countries have started the development of maglev transportation system. At the end of last century, Japan’s Yamanashi Maglev Test Line about 31 kilometers of the German Emsland Maglev Test line, about 19 kilometers have been completed, up to 400 to 500 kilometers per hour the train shocked the world. In the era of China’s average speed of only 60.3 km per hour, the maximum speed of only 160 km of the era, the emergence of high-speed maglev technology so that many Chinese people see the speed of the railway may be another possible. In 1990, the Ministry of Railways submitted the "Beijing Shanghai high speed railway line plan report". Although it is not clear whether the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway is still open until 1997, China’s high-speed rail is the use of wheel and rail technology, or the use of magnetic levitation technology, has aroused heated debate. The biggest advantage of wheel rail technology is mature technology, safe and reliable, good interoperability; the biggest advantage of high speed maglev is fast, strong climbing ability, large railway line space. Two kinds of technology path, be on a par with the length of each, the debate lasted nearly 7 years, the final defeat of the high-speed maglev technology "". January 2004, the State Council executive meeting approved the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway wheel rail technology. Maglev technology is the main problem is not put into practical operation." Vice Minister of the Ministry of Railways Sun Yongfu, was repeatedly led to overseas study. He later published "China’s high-speed railway road to success," a clear disclosure of the magnetic levitation technology, the final loss to the wheel and rail are three main reasons: first, Maglev相关的主题文章: