Wujiang rural commercial bank equity polarization auction bid 74 times after the transaction 捷安特xtc750

Wujiang rural commercial bank equity auction polarization 74 bid after the bid Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Some banks even though many equity auction prices dropped lower and lower, but still ignored – reporter Mao Yuzhou since September, small and medium-sized bank equity auction ushered in the climax. In the Taobao judicial auction platform, there are more than ten days from the bank’s equity transfer, which even some banks such as A shares listed recruits in Jiangsu. However, in the last two months of the equity auction, bank equity heat polarization: part of the bank’s equity as long as the price is right, on shelves suffered looting; while the other part of bank equity even after several rounds of the auction, the price fall, still ignored. Jiangsu bank equity premium auction auction platform Taobao trading records show that in February 2, 2016, 79 thousand and 500 shares of Bank of Jiangsu and ultimately to 800 thousand and 800 yuan turnover, market share reached 10.07 yuan; in February 23, 2016, a starting price of 3 million 38 thousand and 500 yuan to the end of the auction auction; in May 17, 2016, another sum of about 58 thousand shares of Bank of Jiangsu’s auction in 622 thousand and 800 yuan per share, the market value of up to 10.74 yuan; in May 31, 2016, a 500 thousand stake in the auction, after 5 bidders for the 175 round of bidding, and ultimately to 4 million 800 thousand yuan turnover. At that time, the Bank of Jiangsu is not yet listed, according to Jiangsu bank annual report 2015 data, which attributable to shareholders of the parent company’s net assets per share of 6.27 yuan, this calculation, the auction transaction premium mostly for the success of the transaction, the premium rate as high as 71%. In fact, investors can be very precise vision. After landing A shares, Jiangsu bank stock prices rose for several days, up to 14.84 yuan per share, although somewhat lower, but also has been maintained at 11 yuan, as of yesterday, the Bank of Jiangsu’s closing price of 11 yuan per share, is still higher than the equity transfer price. Recently, Taobao and Jiangsu judicial auction two bank equity auction items. One of the ongoing auction yesterday, the subject matter for the Bank of Jiangsu 184 thousand and 600 shares, a starting price of 2 million 400 thousand yuan per share, the starting price of 13 yuan, compared with yesterday’s closing price premium rate is about 18%. According to the introduction of the judicial auction platform, the Bank of Jiangsu shares of the shares of the executive director of the Changzhou Bearing Factory Co., Ltd., limited to the sale of shares. If the auction Liupai, second times the starting price of 1 million 920 thousand yuan, 400 thousand yuan deposit increase 2000 yuan. If still unsold, third times the starting price of 1 million 536 thousand yuan, the margin is 300 thousand yuan, 2000 yuan fare increases. The auction is currently in the auction period, however, Taobao publicly available information, the auction temporarily no sign. Another Jiangsu bank equity auction will start shooting in October 7th, subject to 700 thousand shares, the first auction price is 7 million 280 thousand yuan, according to the instructions of the judicial auction相关的主题文章: