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Out of the campus loan interest installments: negative news frequent supervision as the last straw Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Photograph: Chinese visual interpretation: out of the market is the best transformation of "campus campus loan credit" Waterloo repeated this pan who back? Wu Tao how could not have done, after the completion of 3 billion yuan of huge financing, the company will begin layoffs transformation. September 5th, fun store group (the original campus staging platform fun staging) announced that it will focus on the non credit card crowd’s consumer banking business, exit campus market. But one day in July 2016, in a department meeting, Wu Tao was told that the company is restructuring, future work will focus on the service from the campus credit products, interest installments into non credit services products to staging campus". At the time, interest installments has just changed its name to the interest shop group, completed the split VIE architecture, the near future target in the domestic market. With the transition from the throes of large-scale layoffs. Wu Tao learned from his colleagues in the operating department, the company cut more than 2 thousand full-time BD staff in the country, as well as tens of thousands of part-time campus agent to push people. Fortunately, Wu Tao is not in the list. Let Wu Tao some surprise is that the company did not convene the general assembly in the form of internal colleagues to inform all relevant matters. Despite the fact the layoffs have become an internal default of the company, but why business transformation, what changes, how to deal with the company’s future planning, job cuts and so on all possible related to the case, Wu Tao is not clear. Even the interest of the campus of Guangzhou campus agent told the interface news reporter, he did not know the company has withdrawn from the campus business. In Wu Tao’s conjecture, one of the reasons for the transition may be because of the size of the expansion, the campus market has been unable to meet the needs of the company. It certainly makes sense, but in the campus credit business, interest strategy is not shop to take is steady, keep both the user and the market, but the relative negative attitude to retreat. In other words, even if the transformation, it seems that the store should not be released by way of layoffs to give up the campus market signal. It is very obvious, there was a problem — either fun shop in the campus of Waterloo suffered the credit market, or the market itself has campus credit business growth ceiling. The pursuit of growth risk control out of control in June 2014, the fun stage was established just over 3 months, business expansion by pushing the line. Founder Luo Min also issued leaflets at University of Science and Technology Beijing, pulled the fun of the first order. Also at that time, just finished the freshman course of Yang Yang, became the first batch of part-time campus fun agent. Yang Yang said that the division of interest within the business sector is the implementation of days, places, people, and, Q0 and F0 system. Heaven, earth, people, and on behalf of the district manager, provincial manager, prefecture level city manager, ordinary BD staff, Q0 is a campus agent, usually one or two colleges and universities a person. F0 is only responsible for the development of the campus agent相关的主题文章: