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The Get suite of private space machine, thousands of miles to "open attitudes" – Sohu tourism in the past 3 months, the two airlines in the business class seat on the renewal of "tearing" badly. At the end of August, the airline said, will launch a new form of business class suites. "Exclusive space design will allow passengers to have joined the door more intimate, completely relaxed flight." The airline official said. As early as June, United Airlines officially announced the launch of a new United Airlines Business Class – Polaris in December 1st this year, business class seat after the upgrade is called "pods", to better meet the needs of the guests of the independent space. The first suite of contests in fact, concept of first-class cabin Suites more application in the airline’s. All Nippon Airways provides information, the first-class cabin is a square room partition wall, inside to remove all unwanted parts, to ensure maximum comfort space. By changing the interior and exterior of the grain, improve the living room as the choice for customers to create completely private space. While Etihad Diamond Suite is equipped with a first-class cabin sliding door independently, ensure guests have the highest degree of privacy of personal space. If the guest does not want to be too disturbed, there is a mini bar at any time to provide delicious drinks and drinks. If the guests want to dinner with friends, as long as the transfer under the neighbor partition, can carry up to 4 people at dinner. Qatar Airlines first-class cabin itself as the "private space" of the United States: between the seat and aisle landing partition, to create a spacious private space for guest accommodation, very free, the seat can lie flat, or stretch for a table for two. Currently, the first class design in Guangzhou – Doha route can experience. Mention first class suite, have to think of Emirates airlines. Pioneered by Emirates Airlines first class private suite is a great milestone in the history of aviation, designed to provide passengers with the ultimate private space. According to the introduction of Emirates Airlines, a private Suite equipped with first-class cabin door, mini bar, reading lamp, desk, built-in mirror with lighting and room service facilities, including folding table, vase, book groove, side lockers, wardrobe, desk and retractable screen etc.. Located in the center of the first class of the two boxes, there are privacy electric lift separator. Currently, all A380 and most of the Boeing 777 aircraft are equipped with first-class private suite. It is worth mentioning that the United Arab Emirates is the first in the first class cabin to introduce two fully equipped between the airlines. Private suites attract business guests can not, on the first class service competition, more in the form of suite. For high-end guests privacy is indeed very important. This has become a driving force for the two airlines have to upgrade business class privacy. According to United, the United Airlines business class seats from the Polaris Valley Puri design company (PriestmanGoode) design, the British Sudiya chair company (Zodiac), sitting in any position can be directly to the guests.相关的主题文章: