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Japan intends to "two" to resolve the territorial dispute with Russia: want to recover the two island Sohu news in Russia on the four northern islands (known as the South Kuril Islands, Russia) negotiations on the territory has opened up the situation on the occasion, began to appear "two stages" to consider in the Japanese government. According to Japan’s Jiji Press reported on October 9th, the so-called "two theory", the first peace treaty between Russia and now on Shikotan and Habomai Island, the rest of the country after the island of Etorofu island and put aside for future research. The report said that for the settlement of the northern territories issue has a strong desire for Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, and Russian President Putin will be held in November and in Peru, Japan and Yamaguchi Prefecture, held talks in December. Abe tried to show rather soft stance in four with the return of the island, in an attempt to open the northern territories issue situation. Many Japanese authorities of Jiji said, Russia government is common management after the country Etorofu island and the island, common development and economic revitalization to discuss matters relating to. This allows the Japanese travel visa free access to the local expansion, promote exchanges. As for the return of the two islands, and so on when the time is ripe for discussion. The report also pointed out that if the Shikotan and Habomai island will first return, he will expand economic waters row of Japan (EEZ). Meanwhile, the Japanese government will discuss the issue of fishery rights in the course of territorial negotiations. Public data shows, the Russo Japanese peace treaty negotiations have been on for decades. The problem consists of Etorofu Island, after the island country, Shikotan and Habomai islands in the four northern islands belong, is a major obstacle to the negotiations. After the end of World War II, the four islands of the North became the Soviet Union Territory, but the Japanese claim that the islands are all Japanese sovereignty of the four. The two countries have failed to conclude a peace treaty. In May 6th this year, Abe Shinzo’s visit to Russia and Putin held summit talks with Japan and Russia, including the proposed construction of harbor of the Russian Far East and large-scale agricultural development and other 8 projects, the economic cooperation program. Surging news () reported on October 8th, according to the economic cooperation plan, the Japanese government will invest more than 1 trillion yen (about 65 billion yuan) in Siberia and the Far East to accelerate infrastructure construction and resource development. Among them, the energy project is the big head. If the negotiation success, Japan’s investment will strengthen Vladivostok, Za Rubino, east port (Vostochny) function in Vladivostok suburban construction cost about 600 billion yen in petroleum chemical plant a total of 41 business, in order to advance in Siberia, and the Arctic Ocean coast of Sakhalin oil and gas development. Japan’s Kyodo News reported on 9, the Japanese government has begun to study the Japanese enterprises to participate in the Russian civil natural gas production giant novotech "liquefied natural gas propulsion in the Arctic seas (LNG) business development. By the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) funded financial assistance, a large company acquired the natural gas rights plan surfaced. The report pointed out that Andouble intends to strengthen economic relations through economic cooperation with Russia to promote the peace treaty, including the four northern islands territorial association.相关的主题文章: