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A Japanese young mother died of cancer, but to the 5 year old daughter left a satisfying mother – Sohu I have no money, not power, no status, until the death of don’t know what the left his daughter what… Think about it, I can only do the cooking, housework, let her seriously live every day, even if a person can live well… – mother Chieko died in 2008 2008, a four or five year old Japanese girl will cook touched countless people, the reason is not only the small age will cook to do housework, but behind this story make me think… ? 2001, just after the treatment of breast cancer CENTURYWAY married longtime boyfriend Abu Shingo, June 2002, Qianhui miraculously pregnant, but the doctor has advised her to take the child, because pregnancy is likely to allow the recurrence of breast cancer… ? the first time when the mother, the first did not touch the belly of the affected fetus, Qianhui how willing, regardless of the family discouraged, determined to give birth… In February 2003, a little angel came to an angel. ? "and Jen met that I lived in this world, this is more important than her children, Zhi Bao is my life." Indeed Qianhui, November 2003, Jen was nine months old, Chieko of breast cancer recurrence. In October 2006, thousands of cancer cells have been transferred to the whole body, even holding a flower began to work… ? "my mother would like to say sorry to you, mother is ill, the body a little pain, hold a flower" Qianhui Jen since then no crying, let mother hug… At this time, thousands of benefits have been thinking: a flower growing up day by day, and I was able to die before her and a flower to grow up, to leave her? It should be said that I don’t want to disappear from the world… On 2007, a flower four years old birthday that day, thousands of benefits sent a flower an apron. Hui said that although there are a little early, but this year would like to start a little bit to teach her cooking. I remember the first time to see a knife. Look, my heart will jump out, can still hold without a sound, also did not reach out… ? "Jen, cook this thing with the life, I will teach you how to take the knife, how to do housework, learning can be placed in the second place, as long as the health of the body, can be self reliant, the future no matter where I go, what to do, can live." Qianhui, as long as it is a flower in my power, I let her come, so that one day I do not have a relationship. I need to get something ready before going to kindergarten. I hope the daughter of a person can also reduce thrive to live." Qianhui 2008, mother Chieko accompanied his family go through this life, and in the past year, Chie Jen left the most precious heritage is to teach her a serious effort to live each day… "Mom, there’s something I want to tell you, I’ll do it all by myself! And two people went to Disney, if.相关的主题文章: