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Writing-Articles The emerald cut is very stunning; because of its long lines it is less fiery than a round brilliant cut diamond. It also has broad and more dramatic flashes of light. The simplest and the most elaborate engagement ring can be made sophisticated with the trim lines and the elegance of an emerald cut diamond. While purchasing an emerald cut diamond engagement ring, quality has to be given utmost importance. Because the cut is open, color variations and flaws are easily noticeable. The precision of the cut is important for a nicely balanced, well-proportioned look. Ideally, the length-to-width ratio should range from 1.3:1 to no more than 1.75:1 for a classic emerald cut, but many people choose wider or narrower stones based on personal preferences. They are actually neither traditional as the round brilliant nor trendy as the princess cut, which makes their prices extremely economical compared to the other common cuts. Because of the simplicity of the cut, it is less expensive than round cuts of similar quality, making it an affordable option for couples on a budget. Because of the stones elongated shape, it may also appear to be a higher in carat weight than other shapes, letting the couple concentrate their resources on the rings design and details rather than the center stone. Emerald cut engagement rings can be found in a variety of designs like bridal sets, unique styles and contemporary rings. The most common setting is the classic four-prong arrangement which holds the stone while protecting its delicate edges. Since the shape of the emerald cut diamond is elongated, they are generally paired with accent stones, particularly tapered baguettes. An emerald cut solitaire ring can be very attractive for women with slender, long fingers. Women with very short, thick fingers may somehow appear out of proportion with a rectangular stone. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: