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100 years ago you saw the antique pocket watch which watch figure? Lead: from the watch to watch, is regarded as an important moment in the watch industry, but in retrospect, be regarded as "upright" still watch with a pocket watch figure, 100 years watch technology constantly breakthroughs and innovation, material modeling is also making changes, but you can still see the mark the old watch from them. Antique pocket watch Breguet (Breguet) N° 3104 antique pocket watch N° 3104 from Mr. Breguet’s hand, is a rare, highly acclaimed three minute repeater watch. In 1818 Francisco de Paula, sold to Spain, after 140 years of history and reproduce in the world. This watch is brand repurchase in 2015, although this watch three Q timing movement is bright, but from the dial, you will find that today’s watch remains a Breguet dial design style antique pocket watch. Breguet (Breguet) N° 3104 Classique 7147 antique pocket watch Breguet classic series (2016 new) on the origin of the no° chain system; 5015 watch first number 5015 antique tables sold to the Marquis Marquis d ‘Abercorn in July 3, 1833, the price of 38000 Swiss francs. This antique table is one of the first applications without verification mechanism and time Breguet chain key works of this invention of the timepiece. Mr. Breguet invented in 1830 without the key on the chain system, the mechanism to rotate from left to right on the crown projection watch on a chain, the innovation is the origin of all the modern watch chain system. Breguet no° the first time 5015 pocket watch pocket watch 1821, king of France’s Louis-Philippe Nicholas Mathieu Rieussec invented the watchmaker named Inking Chronograph timing device that can accurately measure a specific period of time, such as horse racing time records. Basically, he is their device two meter wheel combined into a timepiece, a measurement time, the one responsible for the chronograph. In fact, before the NMR, there have been many previous invented meter can be calculated for a certain period of time, but because the accuracy is not high and is known as "Compteurs". NMR is the first to produce accurate enough to be called a chronograph, and thus he won the Chronograph patent in 1822. Timing watch Audemars Pigeut 1913 rattrapante double Chronograph 1913 double rattrapante timing code represents Audemars Pigeut beyond 100 years of excellence technology complex in the field of senior tabulation of. Its equipped with 18SSZ movement challenges the complex function of the limit. Lange 1815 chronograph Patek Philippe manual chronograph 5170G-001 Vacheron Constantin to look at the past antique pocket watch flower flower Watch相关的主题文章: