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The capital of Shanghai Wanda sniper stocks not soft two, Howard earned 54 million? Wanda Sohu – Securities privatization stocks in the last week of collective outbreak, this week the trend of differentiation. The 24 emperor’s group (002329), new Hualian (000620) continue to charge, but after a strong country in the water (600187), (002516), world science and Technology (000631), Shun Fat sunny poor performance. And once with Wanda privatization scandal TEDA shares (000652), Shanghai nine hundred (600838), Red Star Development (600367) also clarify the finished lower. Exchange public information display, Shanghai hot money is the main force in the privatization of Wanda Wanda concept stocks, in the operation of hot money, the emperor’s group has become the recent performance of the best Wanda privatization stocks. Wanda intends privatization trend was differentiation of the return of A shares of the real estate sector after Hengda placards Vanke another hot topic. Days ago, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin said Wanda Commercial in Shanghai to IPO, or take the backdoor listing, according to reports, Wanda business intends to return to A shares in August 2018. In general, Wanda Commercial privatization involves two aspects of the stock, first, if it is through the backdoor way to return to the A-share market involved in the company A; Wanda is involved in the privatization of the company in two. Have been ready to last week, the two categories of Wanda stocks, zhangshengyipian. For example, Shanghai nine hundred last week, the cumulative increase of 40.81%, the transaction is obvious, so that the company did not conduct any negotiations and to clarify the contact with Wanda Commercial, then the stock price down. This week, stocks differentiation trend was already clarified: Wanda privatization stocks have nine hundred, Shanghai TEDA shares, red star development, 3 stocks were on Monday only limit; confirming the involvement of Wanda Commercial privatization stocks, including water treatment group, broad-minded Huangshi technology, Shun Fat sunny, new Hualian the trend has also been differentiated, the emperor’s group on Monday Chonggao back behind, the last two trading days and the 24 day assault force, intraday trading, closed up over 8%, the exchange rate reached 33.70%; new Hualian after Monday fell on Tuesday, due to the confirmation of the controlling shareholder of the company’s subsidiaries in the Wanda Commercial privatization on the 24 day, limit the impact of water in the country rose over 9%; Monday, Tuesday fell 2.53%, 24 days after the rapid decline was up over 6% and turned green; broad-minded technology, Shun Fat sunny in After the callback lackluster performance, the 24 average daily income. According to Wind statistics, in August 17th, since the outbreak of the privatization of private equity shares, to 24, the largest increase in the emperor’s group, the cumulative rise of up to 46.42%; followed by junior water, since August 17th rose to 40.43%. In addition, interval or the new Hualian is also 14.71%. The capital of Shanghai people exchange public information display, Shanghai hot money is Wanda privatization stocks sniper force, including Guotai Junan Shanghai Fushan Road Securities Business Department, CITIC Securities (600030) Shanghai Huaihai Road Securities Business Department was the most active, between multiple related stocks;相关的主题文章:

U.S. media said China will dominate the next generation of manufacturing innovation and market are h-3edyy

U.S. media said that China will dominate the next generation of manufacturing: innovation and the market are in the picture here: in November 7, 2015, a researcher at the laboratory in Xi’an, told reporters the photon integrated chip. Photonic integrated circuits through optoelectronic integrated field technology self-developed chip, can be realized on the traditional integrated circuit corner overtaking, promote our country in the field of optoelectronic integrated circuits from with runners to the leader change. Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Liwang photo manufacturing Reference News Network reported on September 3rd the United States "Forbes" website in August 31 publication entitled "why Chinese will dominate the next generation? "The article said, in the" Washington Post "recently published an article entitled" why Chinese can have the next generation of manufacturing ", author Vivek · wadhwa of China; new 10 year plan" Chinese manufacturing 2025 "was discussed. The purpose of the program is to use robots, 3D printing, cloud computing and big data and other advanced technologies to achieve the modernization of China’s manufacturing industry. China has invested $150 billion in the massive modernization program. Wadhwa wrote: "but no matter how much money, China can not win the next generation of manufacturing." Why? Wadhwa believes that the poor quality of China’s robot, the efficiency can not be higher than the u.s.. The most important thing is that China’s labor shortage of skills, unable to complete the work in the advanced manufacturing environment. "Forbes" article said, should not be hasty to deny China has the ability to develop its technology, improve their staff level. There are signs that China’s industry is catching up with the west, and in some cases even more than the west. For example, only use the local computer chip made China super computer "Shenwei" than the most powerful supercomputer America 5 times faster. In addition, in the field of gene editing, big data analysis or 5G mobile communication technology, Chinese experts are the best in the world. Study by Cornell University, School of international business and the World Intellectual Property Organization (a United Nations agency) recently completed the "2016" global innovation index report that Chinese has become one of the world’s most innovative economies in the ranks of the top 25, and Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States and other countries shoulder. In the past nine years, the global innovation index report on the basis of the 82 indicators were investigated in more than and 100 countries. One of the most important indicators is called "innovation quality", which focuses on the quality of universities, the number of scientific publications and the number of international patent applications. China ranks seventeenth in the ranking of innovation quality, making it the leading indicator of middle-income economies. The article said that China’s manufacturing enterprises are almost all private or foreign companies. They have the power to innovate and improve. Wages are rising, but productivity is improving. According to the economist, China’s productivity is much higher than that of India and Vietnam, which is expected to grow at an annual rate of 6-7% by 2025. Walton School of business,, Cohen, the study shows that China is leading in some industries, manufacturing, "return" to the economies of the developed economies, there is no large-scale occurrence of the situation in the United States and other countries in the world, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, ·. In fact, manufacturers hope.相关的主题文章:

St jichai 14 intends to resume trading on the note in the oil group’s 75 billion 500 million

*ST jichai 14 resumption note in column 75 billion 500 million of funds to the financial assets hot oil group’s stock rating to thousands of thousands of newly diagnosed rating App: simulated trading client Sina live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you Chinese falls Securities News *ST jichai September 13th evening announcement you the company, actively organize relevant parties and agencies on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange reorganization enquiry questions the reply, and the company’s major assets and issue shares and pay cash to buy assets and raise matching funds connected transaction report (Draft) and other restructuring related documents have been modified and added. Upon application, the company’s shares will resume trading on September 14th. According to the restructuring plan, *ST jichai intends to set out all the assets and liabilities (the transaction price of 462 million yuan), the company is holding the actual control of Petroleum Group oil capital 100% stake (the transaction price of 75 billion 509 million yuan) of the transaction, the difference in part by the company to 6 billion 36 million yuan and 9.88 yuan in cash, shares issued 6 billion 958 million shares at the same time, the company intends to pay; 10.81 yuan of stock to build capital, aerospace information and other 10 specific non-public offering of shares supporting fund-raising not more than 19 billion yuan, for the payment of cash consideration and the Bank of Kunlun, Kunlun and Kunlun financial leasing trust capital etc.. After the completion of the transaction, the company’s total share capital is expected to be significantly increased from 288 million shares to 9 billion 30 million shares, of which the proportion of China Petroleum Group direct shareholding of 77.35%. After the completion of the transaction, control of the company did not change, the change of the controlling shareholder by jichai factory in the oil group, the actual controller is still in the oil group, so the transaction does not constitute a backdoor listing. According to the plan, in the oil group in December 31, 2015 as the base date, will hold its financial assets (including business finance 28% stake in Kunlun bank 77.10% shares, 100% stake in Kunlun oil assets, financial leasing, equity 60% shares, Kunlun exclusive insurance 40% insurance broker 51% shares, the Italian insurance 51% stake, 50% stake, China Life Insurance BOC International Equity and debt in 15.92% by 16.50% shares) transferred to the oil capital, and to the financial assets into business in capital 100% stake for the reorganization of assets into the. Audited financial data, as of May 31, 2016, in the capital of the total assets of 767 billion 295 million yuan, attributable to the parent company owners’ equity 53 billion 127 million yuan; the 2014 year, 2015 year, 2016 1 to May achieved operating income of 21 billion 611 million yuan, 21 billion 770 million yuan and 7 billion 828 million yuan, net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company was 5 billion 792 million yuan, 6 billion 74 million yuan and 2 billion 928 million yuan. *ST jichai said that after the completion of the transaction, as set out in the capital and 100% stake in the company’s existing assets of the company’s business scope covers the placement, finance companies, banks, financial leasing, trust, theory相关的主题文章:

Pregnant women who smoke harm to the pregnant women how to quit smoking – Sohu maternal and child-zznba

What is the harm of pregnant women smoking on the fetus, pregnant women how to quit smoking – Sohu maternal and child 1, prospective mother smoking causes increased fetal mortality. 2, the mother of active and passive smoking on infants and young children also have an impact, not only limited to the baby during the baby, even in the entire infant period has a negative impact on health. 3, expectant mothers smoking can cause intrauterine growth retardation, neonatal birth weight is lower than that of normal fetal baby. The occurrence and mother of 4.14% fetal premature baby’s smoking, smoking during pregnancy mothers of preterm delivery is 2 times than the non-smoking mothers, the probability of smoking a pack a day more than the mother preterm delivery is 3 ~ 4 times of non-smoking mothers. In 4, a variety of mother smoking can cause the baby’s birth defects, such as neural tube defects, strephenopodia, cleft palate, cryptorchidism, transposition of the great vessels. 5, expectant mothers smoking will increase the rate of spontaneous abortion. Mothers who smoked were 80% more likely to have spontaneous abortions than non-smoking mothers, because smoking impairs placental function and causes early spontaneous abortions. In short, in order to the healthy growth of the next generation, in order to be the mother of their own health, every mother should consciously quit smoking. At the same time, we should pay attention to smoking environment, avoid passive smoking, in a fresh and pleasant environment in the middle of the pregnancy. Second hand smoke harm to the fetus (1) fetal dysplasia, fetal malformation of nicotine in cigarettes can cause vasoconstriction of the placenta, fetal blood supply is reduced, resulting in fetal hypoxia. Carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke may cause fetal hypoxia, fetal dysplasia, and even stillbirth. The cigarette of cyanide in the body and a substance called amino acids combined, can make the person of vitamin B12 is reduced, so that the influence of fetal development, the birth of a child with mental retardation. Parents smoking more than 20 cigarettes per day, the risk of occurrence of child cleft lip, valvular heart disease or congenital defects such as urethral stricture. Pregnant women active smoking and passive smoking, will have a great harm to the fetus, passive smoking will also reduce the amount of zinc in the fetal blood, may affect the development of fetal brain. Long term use of second-hand smoke in the environment of premature birth of pregnant women prone to breathing, digestion, body temperature regulation and other dysfunction, and even died shortly after birth. (2) lead to premature birth, stillbirth, secondhand smoke contains large amounts of harmful substances and carcinogens, nonsmokers exposed to secondhand smoke also will increase the risk of various diseases related to smoking. Maternal exposure to secondhand smoke can lead to sudden infant death syndrome and reduced birth weight. In addition, there is evidence that exposure to secondhand smoke can lead to premature birth, neonatal neural tube defects and cleft lip and palate. A survey says, low birth weight infants of smoking mothers born is 2 times higher than non-smoking women; maternal smoking than non-smoking mothers more prone to miscarriage, premature birth and fetal death. Pregnant women how to quit smoking? Some pregnant women before pregnancy have been difficult to control smoking, pregnancy, fetal development as well as to their own health, have to quit smoking. Pregnant women should pay attention to the following. 1, ahead of schedule.相关的主题文章:

The most remarkable moment in a woman’s life Listen to the old mother Luo Xiaohang how to say – Sohu-msvbvm60.dll

The most remarkable moment in a woman’s life? Listen to what Luo Xiaohang said Chaoyang mother – Sohu in September 18, 2016 by the imperial mother, many pregnant mother affectionately known as "Chaoyang mother" of the Beijing Luo Xiaohang Washington hospital visit by Beijing television famous Cao Yang presided over the "beautiful" and said, with the host, digital guests spent the theme of "Mamy Poko little secret" the current program. In several plates of the programme, "Luo mother" a detailed explanation on the related problems of puerperium, which shows several guests intimate interaction, the whole program full of knowledge, interesting and scientific. I am a woman, guess my happiest moment? The child was born, the family are immersed in the joy, when two men at home have been upgraded as national treasure characters: one is the mother, one is baby, at this moment, the most busy is the home of Optimus Prime: Dad adults. When asked: when is the happiest moment for a woman? Guests have said marriage, said that when his mother, is said to have a baby after the moment of happiness, finally gives the answer is the answer: warmth guests in a woman’s life the most watched thirty days! The president of the Beijing Washington hospital chief physician specialty: diagnosis and treatment of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at common diseases and difficult diseases, perinatal care and management of high risk pregnancy. Work experience: graduated from Capital Medical University Department of clinical primary, Chaoyang District maternal and child health care center director director, engaged in clinical obstetrics and Gynecology and management work for more than 30 years, since 2000 in Beijing Chaoyang District maternal and child health care and obstetric quality management work. Social services: the original Chaoyang District maternal and child health center director director in 2000 in Beijing Chaoyang District maternal and child health care and Management Awards: Beijing was awarded the Chaoyang District science and Technology Progress Award and other honors more than ten. The confinement stress, "Chaoyang mother" one by one on the confinement, President Luo Xiaohang explained, from the delivery of the placenta to each body organs (except breast outside) the recovery takes about a month time, presumably this time everyone has guessed, is that women in the puerperium, folk known as "confinement". Foreigners do not Chinese to confinement, confinement? According to the Chinese and foreign maternal confinement have different problems, Luo answered the director: on the one hand, with the loss of labor itself intense physical exertion, wide body injury and a lot of blood, the cervix and postpartum in the open state, a large number of "big picture needs to be discharged, lochia" increases the risk of infection; the other immune system maternal will be endocrine suppression in pregnancy, postpartum recovery not immediately, it will further increase the incidence of gynecological inflammation, pelvic inflammatory disease, tetanus and even septicemia rate. Modern medical maternal mortality rate as high as 1.5%, which means that the women who died of postpartum complications can be accounted for more than 10% of the total number of women, this is also the original intention of "confinement", namely the protection of new women. In fact, the "confinement" is not Chinese unique, especially prevalent in East asia,.相关的主题文章:

Westward journey 3 Tang Yan side is exquisite contour Yan beauty Fairy (video)-yuanmu

"Westward journey 3" Tang Yan side Yan beauty fine is the fairy contour source: Ruili nets for 20 years, the "Westward Journey" finally came back! N, the Yangtze River bring forth the new through the old, Karen Mok is the Ganaiganhen Jingjing, but that of enenyuanyuan how much load it and the celestial has replaced Han Geng and Tang Yan. The Tang Yan version of Tang Yan version of the toxic side Yan Zi Xia celestial makeup though in many places are still in hand to pay tribute to the classic, but the main sugar brow, high nose, plump Apple muscle but for the new added different aspect zixia. In particular, the side of the face, it is toxic to the United States, but also in advance for the box office to make a guarantee. Tang Yan does not wear cosmetic contact lenses eyes are still sharp natural beauty is really beautiful "beautiful" is the full range of Weiyang Tang Yance Yan is Rio beautiful words, as the first test of side Yan beauty, the features of requirements are very high, although the facial contour can rely on make-up modified stereo effect, but the side view is easy to see. But delicate perfect side face is the brightest star plus weapon, whether it is in the "beautiful" is the full range of Weiyang Tang Ye Yanfan flourishing beauty babies feel or no friend to the United States, let the small Yue Yue in the face of great black threats also be brave to express the beauty of woman is cool Fan Ye ah just and the ocean smiled with you baby chunxindangyang cool girl is fully deserve side face. The problem comes, as a congenital facial contour of the general Asian girl, how can we get through the hard work, so that the contours of the more perfect, as a side Yan toxic paper…… Today, I would like to make a serious talk with you. The first one to poison parafacialia compact go manual pull so easy skin swollen to have side face charming, natural facial lines is more compact. Edema as a lethal side of the big face killer, must be destroyed in the cradle. Want to quickly eliminate edema, massage is the most efficient and effective method, as long as the massage place, can easily play a manual lift effect. Step1 with fingers on her cheeks ring 3 times. Pay special attention to the strength, from bottom to top to force, can slow down some pressure from top to bottom. Step2 with finger from eye head, sliding along the orbit round, after the end of eye is harder. Repeat 3 times. Step3 will start from the three fingers close together, ear position, sliding to the neck clavicle direction, to some. Repeat 3 times. Poison side Yan second strokes nose star people don’t worry Asian women have the spring massage industry because of the lack of inherent advantages, and then three-dimensional facial features no European side looks very flat, the whole face without stereo feeling. As a snub nosed family, is most afraid of being seen his side face, nose shadow more after all, a full open to the side. Hurry to do massage, long-term adherence, according to a high nose is not a dream. Step1 two in the corner of the eye to the middle finger pinch (root position), stay for 5 seconds, repeat 10 times. Step2 with both hands thumb on the mountain beside some sunken place, to the inside of the direction of massage, repeated 10 times. Step3 thumb on the relative in both sides of the nose, with little pressure from the middle press the way upward push, repeat 10.相关的主题文章: